Summer is kicking in. It is my favorite time of year! It is also the time of year you will notice how outworn your tanktops can be from wearing them underneath winter jersey’s. Well, I have the easiest DIY ever for you to fix ‘em up to wrap-around summer tops!

All you need is a pair of scissors. Yes. It is that easy.

(measurement lint is optional)

The tanktop I used was a slightly elastic one (cotton 95% elastane 5%, also known as tricot). This is the easiest as you don’t need to treat the edges after cutting.

We start with cutting the top through the middle length wise. It is important here to determine the middle perfectly, which I did by folding the top through the middle.

Now you determine how short you want your new top. Make sure you cut an even line, so take the measurement tape if you find this easier.

The higher you make your cut, the more you have left to wrap around yourself. I had to adjust the cut-out two times to find the right height. In turned out that with a cut just under the place where my bra hooks, I could wrap the top around and have a nice crop-top fit.

The last thing from wearing your creation is cutting of the ‘losen ends’ and your done!

I made this DIY at a deserted bounty beach in Indonesia, where even the cut-offs were used! I tied a strip of the leftover with a shell around my ankle and the locals liked it so much they all wanted one!

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