It all started with a documentary that I saw almost one and a half year ago, called The True Cost. This documentary absolutely blew my mind and the morning after seeing the documentary, I decided to never buy clothes again. A day went by and I was already regretting that decision, because you know, easier said than done. Luckily, soon my mind was occupied with Cape Town, the place where Nadia and I would intern for six months.

After being a month or so in Cape Town, Nadia and I decided to go for a few drinks and karaoke. Somehow we started talking about fashion and the nastiness that comes with it. All the frustrations that we had with the current fashion industry started to blurt out as enthusiastic as the Bob Marley song we sang earlier (thank you Mr. Vodka-Lime). Over the coming months in Cape Town, we kept on sharing knowledge, but also discovered that it is quite complex to contribute in slowing down the fashion industry. To start with, we would need to go into rehab and stop buying clothes every month. Sounds simple, but for serious fashion addicts like us, this is still extremely hard. Secondly, what if my winter coat starts to fall apart, where do I find a new one that is sustainable and fairly made? To be honest with you, we had (and still have) plenty moments where we just wanted to give up and run to the nearest Zara and switch off our conscious. Thankfully, we can’t and are still very passionate about changing our and your buying behaviour for the better.

We believe it should be fun and simple for everyone, especially fashion lovers, to wear and buy sustainable and fair fashion. In the upcoming blogposts we want to take you on a journey through the green land of feel good fashion. Because just like you, we are still no experts. To keep it simple, we will read plenty of books, articles, watch relevant documentaries and give you short summaries. To keep it fun, we will showcase, amongst others, amazing sustainable brands, outfit ideas, DIY’s and events. We actually just want to start a squad where we create knowledge and pass it on, while still looking fancy as f*ck. Wanna join?

If you want to start becoming an expert yourself, begin with watching the following documentaries:

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  1. I can imagine the dilemma when one wants to be fashionable but has a low budget. Follow your conscience or buy that trendy (cheap) dress…..!?
    My solution is to go for sustainable quality. Save for a few really good pieces and enjoy them. Avoid piles of cheap clothing that fall apart and lose colour after a few washes.
    Keep up the good work ladies. Looking forward to the next blog!

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