Somehow, over the years women have decided that it is necessary to buy a new outfit every holiday party. Why is this? Is it a tradition? Since when have we’ve been doing this? And why do men don’t do this? I personally think a part of its origins lays in social pressure. Because could you imagine wearing the same dress two Christmases in a row? The horror! Also, I think for many women it is a great excuse to buy a new outfit. They actually don’t mind the social pressure, because they want to wear something new and wow everyone by doing it. Totally understandable, really. However, not really sustainable. And I personally still adore my party dress from last year and want to wear it again this year! Is that so bad? Will people even notice I’m wearing the same party outfit as last year’s? Probably not.

That’s why I’ve challenged myself to gather as many party outfits as possible with dresses from previous years, some older items already hanging in my closet, swapped/second hand items and some newish fair fashion items. I have enough pretty skirts and dresses to dress a whole soccer team. But for this blogpost I want to show you that it is possible to create six different looks with only two dresses. To prove to you that you don’t have to buy something new to create new outfits! Could you imagine how many outfits I could create with my whole wardrobe? Probably infinite. 

For the first dress I decided to pick dress I bought for my birthday theme party that took place in the beginning of the year. It’s such a fun little dress I haven’t worn since that party, so the more reason to find fun combinations with this dress. 

Outfit 1

For the first outfit I wore the dress, as (anticlimax) a dress! I combined it with a second-hand bag,  a turtleneck from Miss Green and over the knee heeled boots pre-loved by my mom. Just right for a party with your friends!

Outfit 2

For the second outfit I wore the dress as a top. Since the fabric is quite thin and flexible, this was very easy to do! For this outfit I combined it with a silver party skirt, jacket, over the knee boots that all used to be my moms. However, you can also put this dress in pants (yes even tight ones).

Outfit 3

For the last combination of this dress, I used the dress as a skirt. I wore an old white blouse and turtleneck sweater pre-loved by my mom over the dress and combined it with heeled boots from our latest swap. This outfit is great for a Christmas party at work!

Dress 2: The Frilly Dress

The second dress I chose is a dress I wear quite often, but every time in the same combination. I wanted to see if I could create more outfits with this dress. Which I could!

Outfit 4

For the first outfit I wore the dress the way I always wear it. Just on its own with my favorite over the knee heeled boots and matching lipstick.

Outfit 5

For the second outfit I wore the dress as a top in a dark green plisse skirt from our latest swap. I combined the outfit with some old heels I don’t wear often because of the height, but the previous boots also look great underneath this outfit. This is for sure my favorite outfit I discovered for this blogpost! I will definitely wear this combination for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Outfit 6

For this last outfit I wore the dress as a skirt by putting a large knitted sweater over it. Again I combined it with the over the knee boots, since I love them so. I also really like the combination of the loose fit with the chunkiness of the sweater. The dress is perfect to wear as a skirt because of the bottom part that seems to stand on its own. This outfit is great for Christmas morning celebrating with the family.

I hope by showing you all my outfit combinations with only two dresses, I have inspired and convinced you that you don’t have to buy something new to look great! After all, style can’t be bought.

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